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About The Hostel Bonvolon

Hostel Bonvolon in Prague is located a mere 350 yards from the famous Wenceslas Square. This does mean that it is in an absolutely prime location which does make it so much easier for you to move around the city and see everything that it has to offer the tourist. Also, the fact that it is suitable for people on a budget is just an added bonus.

The hostel has 12 rooms available and they are of various sizes and contain different numbers of beds. This should mean that it is going to be very easy for you to find something that you deem to be suitable for your needs and all within budget. The largest room is an 8 bed dorm, but there are also apartments available for four or five adults if this is something that is more suitable for you.

When it comes to the facilities that are on offer, then the basics are all covered by Hostel Bonvolon. There is the customary shared kitchen and lounge on offer to all guests as well as free Wi-Fi which is commonplace. Also, you are allowed to bring pets with you, but it is just courteous for you to let them known in advance so as to avoid any potential problems.

Aside from that, there is more than enough space to store your belongings and to do so in a secure fashion, there is a laundry service also available and they are family orientated. However, it is the location that is the real winner and you will hardly be spending your time in the hostel to be too concerned about the facilities that they provide.

However, the hostel itself is very well looked after. It is kept clean and is comfortable enough and, of course, there is fresh linen provided for all new guests so there is no need to be worried about that at all. Also, the staff that work there are friendly and will do what they can so that your stay at their establishment is as good as it can possibly be.

Overall, Hostel Bonvolon is a winner in the sense that it is difficult to imagine another hostel that is actually in a better location than this in Prague. It is functional, it provides all of the basics that you need for your stay and at least you know that it will not be difficult to move around the city while not straying too far from your accommodation.